5 Youtube Channels to learn Dance

Not everyone has the time or budget to attend a gym. This, however, is no longer an excuse for not moving your body and, consequently, sending some calories away.

Nowadays it is possible to learn everything on Youtube. There are several videos of recipes , about the universe of motherhood, makeup tutorials and, of course, material for those who want to be healthier too!

The channels with dance classes are a reality and every day they become more popular. Through the videos you learn the steps of the successes of the moment with teachers and dancers from various parts of Brazil and the world! Just connect and start dancing.

Remember that dance is a great option for those who do not usually exercise and looking for something fun and that does not require equipment. Just have a space at home and let the body release to the music!

Ready to rock the skeleton? Check out this selection with 10 YouTube channels with dance classes beyond lively.

Dance schools Singapore

Put Dance

The channel, which already has more than 400 thousand subscribers, brings unpublished choreographies for the hits of the moment, including pop, funk and Latin music. The videos are starring the dancers Danilo Smera, Gy Oliveira, Biia Hellen, Renata Cerqueira and Rayanne Pablyne.


The proposal of the Fit Dance Portal is to make life more fun through dance. There are choreographies for all tastes and styles. Make a space in your living room and prepare a washcloth – you will sweat with these steps!

Lets Dance

The Bora Dançar project has a team of qualified professionals and encourages the practice of physical exercise through dance. The selected songs follow the latest trends. Want to update? Check out the latest classes now.

Lorena Improta

Lorena Improta is from Bahia, publicist and dancer from Faustão. On her channel you can see videos about everyday life and beauty, but the highlight is the dances, with creative choreographies and full of energy.


How about learning the choreographies of hits like Sua Cara and Bang with none other than Anitta herself? It’s possible! Official videos with real dance classes are available on the singer’s channel. To rehearse and rock the next ballads!

Now just choose your favorite rhythm and exercise your body with lots of fun. How about calling friends to dance together? Share this idea with them!

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